Mature Chubby Asian Pussy

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we get from all the sick fucks who prefer their pussy chubby, stretched, old, worn out and over-fucked, we’ve decided to bring you a series of chubby, mature Asian babes who like to spread their gash for cash.

As usual, we scoured the bedrooms and whorehouses of Asia to bring you exactly what you are searching for and we found plenty of fat old bitches who are more than willing to strip and spread their legs for your viewing pleasure.

First we went to Tokyo and met this old hooker turning tricks in a seedy bar. This is one picture in a series we’ll be featuring on our sister site


A mature Japanese prostitute reclines naked on a bed ready to suck and fuck

A mature Japanese hooker waits to be fucked for cash.


Next, we took a flight to Manila where we met this whore, ‘Maria’ working the streets in the local red light district.


A chubby naked Filapina sniffs her panties

A chubby Filapina takes off her panties and checks for skidmarks

Next, it was off to Indonesia and the whorehouses of Jakarta for some mature Indonesian pussy.

A chubby mature Indonesian prostitute spreads her legs exposing her vagina

A chubby mature Indonesian whore spreads her legs and shows her pussy


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Bruised Ass

View of hot skinny Asian girl's bruised ass as she bends over doggy style

An Asian woman's bruised ass

I don’t know how this hot girl got these bruises on her ass. Maybe she was spanked with a hard piece of wood, a bat, or a cane. However, in the absence of red marks, maybe she was just fucked hard with her butt on a hard surface.

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What’s in a name? A unique Clitoris

Piglit the clit

Piglet is a friend of Winnie the Pooh, perhaps his best friend. He is small and pink and in the original books, sports a green jumper. However, in the Disney versions, he wears a pink jumper. My theory is that Piglet is a Freudian representation of what Pooh and his author really desires.


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Chinese Shaved Pussy

A beautiful Chinese girl spreads her legs and shows her shaved pussy

Here’s another set of those girlfriend picture sets where some brainless bimbo lets her boyfriend take pictures of her and next thing there’s pictures of her and her pussy all over the net. At first she’s asleep.

A Chinese girl with shaved pussy sleeps while her boyfriend takes a picture

She’s a bimbo

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Desi Girl Opens Up

A beautiful nude Desi girl with nice tits opens her pussy

A beautiful nude Desi girl with nice tits opens her pussy

I never heard the term ‘Desi’ until a few years ago, but I’ve seen it proliferating on porn sites, so I looked it up. It turns out Desis are chicks like the one in this picture and their boyfriends are called Desis

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Gaping Gash: Big Open Pussies.

Close up picture of an extremely stretched open Filipina vagina

Here’s a few pictures of women who are definitely not virgins. They are not shy either. In fact, they will open right up for you and let you see inside.

A Japanese woman opens her large pussy

This mature Japanese Milf looks like she needs a fist to satisfy her. She’s probably

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The A-Hole

extreme close up picture of an Asian girls pussy and asshole

What’s close to an Asian pussy, but tighter than an Asian pussy?

An Asian asshole. Here’s a nice series of shots of an Indonesian girl with a particularly nice anus.

A beautiful Indonesian girl shows her pussy and anus

These shots are from a Japanese porn movie. You know the one where

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Extreme Bush: Attack of the Hairy Asian Pussies

A young Indonesian girls spreads to show her very hairy Asian pussy.

Personally, I find these hairy vagina’s quite scary. Confronted by a bush like this, I would throw a razor over my shoulder as I ran away. But it seems some guys prefer a girl with a hairy cunt wig, so this post is for you.

A young Indonesian girls spreads to show her

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Mature Asian Snatch

Lick my Open Cunt

This collection of pussy pictures focuses on the mature vagina. These snatches have been fingered, fucked, fisted and stretched through childbirth. Some of them are still nice though and you can have a lot of fun with them.

A mature middle-aged moist Malaysian pussy is tenderly fondled.

Older women get horny as hell

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The View from Behind: Part I

A pretty Asian girl shows her pussy and asshole

My favorite view of tenderlicious pussy is from behind, as I pound it doggy style. So I thought I’d feature some nice stuff I’ve found here and there on the Internets.

A sexy Asian girl bends over to show you her perfect pussy and ass

The great thing about the view from behind

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