A Granny-Banging Tour of Asian Brothels

A mature Asian hooker spreads her legs in Macau, exposing cunt and ass

As purveyor of a couple of filthy websites specializing in Asian pussy from teenage to old age, I was recently invited on a free tour of Asian brothels organized by an outfit called ‘Granny Bangers’. Granny Bangers specialize in tours for those who prefer mature Asian women, or who are too poor to fuck the younger ones. They organize three to five day fuck-fests that can take you via Macao through the whorehouses of China, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

A mature Asian hooker spreads her legs in Macau, exposing cunt and ass

This is Maria, from the Philippines but taking cock in a Macau brothel. She gives great head and has a luscious pussy. She even suggested I stay a little longer for free to stick it in her ass, but I’d already blown my load twice and was really thirsty. Oh to be 20 years younger!

The next day just over the border in a Chinese brothel called ‘The New Experience Whorehouse’ we were treated to a new experience. On the third floor, each room had a whore trussed and bound to the bed and blindfolded. I chose the granny in the picture that follows because she had a hot body and her pussy was shaved. I talked dirty to her in English as I licked and sucked her all over, then fucked her hard. She didn’t understand a word I said.

A Chinese hooker is bound to the bed and blindfolded. The Chinese call this the 'blind-date fuck'.

In Shenzhen China there is a brothel where the women are tied up and blindfolded, and never get to see the guy who fucks her. I’ve been told only older whores do this kind of work. It pays well, but younger girls are too scared to try it.

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A Huge Vagina

This large pussy is capable of swallowing a whole man

Have you ever had that nightmare where you are being swallowed by a great big vagina? If you watch the following video, you might just start having that dream. This milf has a pussy so big that it’s impossible for a cock to satisfy it. In fact her partner had to resort to using his whole hand to fill her crack, and when that didn’t work, he tried to use his foot, and when that didn’t work, he stuck his whole foot and his hand in to get the job done. By the time he’d finished, he left her gaping hole stretched like it had just given birth to godzilla and laid a dinosaur-sized egg.

This bizarre example of hardcore pornography opened up a lot of questions for me. Is this the world’s biggest vagina? If not, how big is the world’s biggest vagina? Where does the world’s biggest pussy live? Is there a category in the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘World’s biggest pussy?’ I tossed and turned at night as these questioned flowed through my mind, and when I slept, I kept waking up with a start after dreaming I was being swallowed up by a huge gaping gash.

In one nightmare, I was swimming in the sea when a giantess with a huge, open pussy entered the ocean. The water began to recede as it was sucked up into her huge, hungry hole. Where the sea had been was now a dry, sandy desert. The huge vagina towered above me, clenched tightly, as the world’s oceans bulged in the belly of the pregnant-looking giantess. My mouth was dry and my throat parched. I hungered for a drop of dew to drip from the tightly clenched pussy.

Next thing I knew, a giant ostrich feather appeared on the ground before me, as long as a palm tree is high. I took the giant quill in both arms and gathered every last piece of strength to raise it up so the tip reached the edge of the huge labia, hanging down above me like giant clam lips. As I tickled her fanny lips, the giant beauty began to writhe and twitch, drops of water began to drip onto my face, then grew into a trickle of salty vaginal juice. The trickle turned into a stream, until I was being washed down a river, struggling to keep afloat on a fishy-smelling deluge of she-cum.

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College Girl’s Slutty Behavior Embarrasses Family

A young Taiwanese girl gives head

This pretty Taiwanese girl is from a prominent, wealthy family in Taiwan. Last year, she started attending an Ivy League College in the United States. However, her family were embarrassed when hardcore pornographic images of her on a romp with her boyfriend were released on the Taiwanese pornography forum muylongdong.com.tw.

A pretty Taiwanese girl poses in the snow

A Taiwanese girl poses after arriving in America to study at an Ivy League University

The girl’s father, a wealthy industrialist who made his fortune producing oxygen absorbers was shocked to find pictures of his own daughter on his favorite porn site. “It’s put me off fapping forever!” the apoplectic industrialist spluttered to reporters who stationed themselves outside the family mansion after the story broke.

A Taiwanese beauty poses naked showing pussy and ass

A Taiwanese college girl poses nude for her American boyfriend

The girl’s American boyfriend, apparently uploaded the images after the couple broke up in November. “I just wanted the world to see what a slut she really is”, Jake Jones wrote in an email interview. “She looks so innocent and acts so naive and studious, but all she came to America for is cock. She just wouldn’t leave mine alone.” Mr Jones said.

Open pussy spread showing moist, pink flesh

A pretty student opens her pussy for the camera.

The girl, Mindy Chang, has refused requests for an interview. The pictures included close-up images of her pussy and asshole, including one where her pussy is open and you can see deep inside. Mindy just turned eighteen a few days before these pictures were taken. Lucky for us. If these pictures were taken just a few days before, it would be illegal for us to show you, and the boyfriend could be sent to jail for being a filthy, sick, dirty pervert.
A close-up view of a Taiwanese pussy

A close-up image of a pretty girl’s pussy. The girl’s father found these shocking image when searching for images to fap to on his favorite porn forum.

close up view of an open pussy

A pretty young Asian co-ed bends over and spreads her ass cheeks open, exposing gaping gash.

A young Taiwanese girl gives head

A young Taiwanese girl gives head

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Skinny Mature Snatch

Skinny mature Asian woman on a bed nude

I’ve neglected my two porn blogs for the last year or so as I’ve concentrated on some other projects so I’ve decided to give them, and the readers a little love. I started going through my extensive collection of pornographic images and came across some of my favorite skinny mature Asian women.

upskirt view with no panties

An alluring upskirt view of a mature Asian snatch

A cock is about to enter this anorexic Asian vagina

This lucky bastard is about to pop an Asian anorexic beauty.

One of my favorite female figures is the tall skinny Chinese woman. She has long, thin, lanky arms and legs and long black hair. She reminds me of a willow tree.

A skinny young Asian girl upskirt picture taken from behind as she bends over

A younger variety of skinny Asian girl showing thigh-gap and delicious, moist snatch.

Skinny mature Asian woman on a bed nude

A super-thin mature Asian woman waits on a bed ready to be fucked

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Mature Chubby Asian Pussy

A chubby mature Indonesian prostitute spreads her legs exposing her vagina

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we get from all the sick fucks who prefer their pussy chubby, stretched, old, worn out and over-fucked, we’ve decided to bring you a series of chubby, mature Asian babes who like to spread their gash for cash.

As usual, we scoured the bedrooms and whorehouses of Asia to bring you exactly what you are searching for and we found plenty of fat old bitches who are more than willing to strip and spread their legs for your viewing pleasure.

First we went to Tokyo and met this old hooker turning tricks in a seedy bar. This is one picture in a series we’ll be featuring on our sister site PussyPush.com


A mature Japanese prostitute reclines naked on a bed ready to suck and fuck

A mature Japanese hooker waits to be fucked for cash.


Next, we took a flight to Manila where we met this whore, ‘Maria’ working the streets in the local red light district.


A chubby naked Filapina sniffs her panties

A chubby Filapina takes off her panties and checks for skidmarks

Next, it was off to Indonesia and the whorehouses of Jakarta for some mature Indonesian pussy.

A chubby mature Indonesian prostitute spreads her legs exposing her vagina

A chubby mature Indonesian whore spreads her legs and shows her pussy


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